Orange Avocado Jewelry

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Orange Avocado Jewelry
Cantilon and Orange Avocado have a fundraising partnership. We have commissioned charms and silver bracelets throughout the years. To view the pendants and bracelets on our website, go to
We have a new charm available for 2022 -- Heart Song.

With each purchase Orange Avocado will provide 25% back to Cantilon Choirs.

Please use an etransfer for payment.
2015 Old Cantilon Logo Bronze Pendant
C$57.75 One time
2016 Blossom of Snow Pendant
C$47.25 One time
2017 Dandelion Wish Pendant
C$68.25 One time
2022 Heart Song Pendant
C$57.75 One time
Small (7") silver beaded bracelet
C$89.25 One time
Medium (7.25") silver beaded bracelet
C$89.25 One time
Medium Large (7.5") silver beaded bracelet
C$94.50 One time
Large (7.75") silver beaded bracelet
C$99.75 One time
Extra Large (8") silver beaded bracelet
C$105.00 One time

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